1 trillion dollar needs 3500 mileage rail network for Afghanistan

trillion dollars for Afghanistan needs a railway network
trillion dollars for Afghanistan needs a railway network

683 in the world with 173 dollars per capita income in Afghanistan. is in order. However, according to the Pentagon, there are still untapped natural resources in the country over 1 trillion dollars. To benefit from this, only the 75 mileage network needs to be increased to 3500 kilometers.

For years, political instability and 11 after the war environment as a result of the 683 to reach a dollar of national income in Afghanistan, 1 trillion dollars over the natural resource potential is specified.

According to the news in Business Week magazine, unprocessed resources in Afghanistan, particularly iron, copper, natural gas and oil sources, point to the 18 solid economic size of Afghanistan's 100 billion dollar economy.

However, a very weak railway network in the country needs to be developed to process these resources. The only railway network in the country is the 75 railway that connects Uzbekistan to the town of Mezar-Sharif, which is now operating in 2011.

In the 25 annual plan of the Afghan government, the railway has 3580 kilometer railway construction. However, due to the political turmoil and the atmosphere of the conflict, this plan is slow.

Mines transferred to the private sector with these billion-dollar contracts cannot be operated. 3 is waiting for the railway to activate the copper mine in Mes Aynak, which has been transferred to the Chinese state company for billions of dollars. Again, for 11 billion dollars, an iron mine given to the Indian state company cannot be operated because the company wants the Afghan government to invest in railway construction.

These unworkable mines are 1 trillion dollars according to the Pentagon account.
Here is the potential natural resources in Afghanistan and the monetary provisions
Iron ore 420 billion dollars
Copper 274 billion dollars
223 billion dollars of natural gas and oil
Granite 144 billion dollars
Niobium 89 billion dollars
60 billion dollars of lithium
Gold 25 billion dollars
5 billion dollars of potassium
5 billion dollars of coal
Aluminum 4.4 billion dollars

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