Yilmaz: Tekkekoy is turning into a new city, Metrobus is coming

Yilmaz: Tekkekoy is turning into a new city, Metrobus is coming. Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, which will significantly relax the city traffic metrobus project will be completed by the end of the road to the end of the road fill, he said.
Investigating the field in which the work continues rapidly, Yilmaz Yilmaz, metrobus public transportation system, such as the rail system will benefit the city and society, he said.
Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, within the scope of the election campaign of the Mayor of the Ak Party Tekkekoy Hasan Togar, Provincial Women's Branch President Nurhan Yapıcı Special and district organization members visited the artisans in Tekkeköy Kutlukent region. Listening to the problems of the tradesmen and citizens, President Yilmaz reminded that he had been making great efforts for serving Tekkeköy for many years and recommended that Tekkeköy mayor candidate Hasan Togar be brought to work in order to serve the district more quickly and permanently.
Logistic Organized Industrial Zone, Food Organized Industrial Zone, Fair Congress Center, hotel investments, indoor sports hall and Stadium Samsun projects underlining that the project will benefit a lot, Yilmaz, the BRT project will also provide a new vision of the evolving and changing passenger transport in Tekkeköy stressed.
Following the visit of the tradesmen to the project area in the Kirazlik coastal party with the work of the President Yilmaz exam, passenger transport to begin with metrobus in the coming years will be switched to the Light Rail System in case of insufficient. Bandırma ferry and the animal shelter between the animal shelter continues to work in the field that expresses the President Yilmaz, announced that the completion of the sea fill at the end of the year. Mayor Yilmaz, the next year between Tekkeköy Interchange and the Gar junction metrobus will give the good news to start the voyage.
Referring to the fact that one of the indispensable transport comfort of public transport is metrobus, the public has a new order, form and form. A number of change and transformation models come to life one by one. For example, in the eastern part of Samsun, a settlement with a population of 1000 inhabitants, including 10 thousand people, 35 thousand people, 7 thousand people, and indoor sports halls, exhibitions and congress centers. to the district. A new life begins there. In order to integrate this new life with the city, we initiated the study to link the public transport with the rail system or the previous version of the metrobus or trolleybus transportation. As long as humanity exists, our people will want better. We managers have to manage this demand in the best way. Even in the moments when people's demand slows down, people are giving a hope to people by giving them a new vision by lifting the bar a little higher than they do every day. Yavaş
Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz made the opening of a pita hall which was opened in Kutlukent İlkadım Sanayi Suoğlu Street.

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