Yildirim, Ankara will be connected to Ankara with high-speed train

Yildirim, Ankara will be connected to Ankara by high-speed train: If you have the understanding of IZMIR, solve. But if you are distant to the human, you try to manage from the ivory towers, you can not solve it, you can not be successful. Here is the success here, see the past 11 year.
Refer to every part of Turkey. " Stating that they will connect İzmir to Ankara by high-speed train and connect the world city of Istanbul with the highway including the third largest bridge in the world, Yıldırım continued as follows: “We built Marmaray, our nation's 150-year dream, 60 meters under the sea. We connected two continents, they still could not make the 4-kilometer subway between Üçkuyular Üçyol.
We are hanging the third necklace in Istanbul, we started 6 months ago, we will finish it in 2015, but Izmir municipality could not even operate the ready-made ropeway. " Stating that there are few days left in İzmir to get rid of the problems, Yıldırım said “March 30 is the feast of Menderes and İzmir. We are ready to serve. Izmir, Turkey needs to IZMIR, got the AK municipality. Just say you walk, we are ready to walk ”he said.
Visited the taxi stop Lightning, who was also a guest at a taxi stand within the scope of the Menderes program, answered journalists' questions. Upon a journalist's question regarding the allegations of the “Sabah-ATV tender”, Yıldırım said: “Do not believe in things whose address is not known. Nobody who claims is revealed, and we give the answer. We have been with our fellow townsmen in every district and every village of Izmir. sohbet We listen to their troubles. We are not dealing with unnecessary work. Our job is the nation, our strength is the nation. Other jobs do not concern us.


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