YHT divided the farmer

YHT split the farmers: The expropriation of the areas where the electric poles of the High Speed ​​Train line passing through the lands of Sarayönü farmers divided the farmers into two. After the meetings of TEİAŞ and Sarayönülü farmers who came together for the agreement, a group of farmers accepted the expropriation fees and a group of farmers objected that the prices were very low.
Expropriation divided Sarayonu farmers into two. Teiaş officials, who came to Sarayönü recently, met with farmers about expropriation. Teiaş officials stated that the areas where the poles are located will be expropriated and their prices will be paid and that the areas where the wires are passed will be leased for one time. The authorities also stated that the costs of the cultivated areas that may be damaged in case of a failure in the lines or similar cases will be compensated.
TEİAŞ authorities sitting at the table with the farmers to expropriate the areas where the poles are located and to give the right to the altitude in the areas where the wires pass, reached an agreement with some farmers as a result of the negotiations, while negotiations with some farmers were also left. Farmers who do not want to deal too much and accept the price to be accepted as the price agreed to be convinced. Some farmers who agreed to the agreement, ultimately expropriation will be done, said that the struggle will not provide a profit.
Some farmers who expressed that the given values ​​are not very low, they have faced expropriations before, even they can not get their prices, he added. The farmers who rejected the agreement stated that the expropriation costs are very low and that the expropriation and altitude right will reduce the cost of their fields. They said that when they wanted to sell their fields, many would not agree to buy such a field, or they would offer very low prices.
While it is learned that Teiaş will initiate legal action against the farmers who cannot be agreed, the farmers hope that the expert will determine a price closer to the value of the fields after legal proceedings.

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