The new Celtek Coal Mine will launch a pilgrimage trip to the Hejaz Railway

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The new Celtek Coal Mine will launch a pilgrimage trip to the Hejaz Railway. Osman Coskun, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Istanbul Mayor of initiatives as a result of start period restored Ottoman heritage 'Hejaz Railway will start the pilgrimage "Fabulous Hijaz Fast Train and Turkey has prepared the International Pilgrimage Coordination Project. speed train line through the project will be established between Turkey and Mecca, Europe, Asia, the Caucasus, Russia and other countries via Turkey to allow the release of the pilgrimage.
General Manager of the new Çeltek Coal Company Osman Coskun, 'Great Hijaz Fast Train and Turkey, international Hajj Coordination Project' with the project's infrastructure constitutes' Pilgrimage Trust Fund and Hajj Economy Management System "and" Pilgrimage Pouch Projects "explained ni.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during the period at the request of the Makkah Municipality during his visit to the restored Hejaz Railway, the magnificent project that converts the high-speed train network Expert Sword prepare with rock Coates, thanks to this project via Turkey during the Ottoman era pilgrimage the journey will be revived and the Islamic World will be provided with significant gains.
100 thousand people during the pilgrimage to the holy land pilgrimage from Turkey, reminding Coskun 350 thousand people from traveling to perform Umrah; Esinde During the pilgrimage period, people go to Mecca or Medina for pilgrimage to all countries. Those who go for a pilgrimage at least once in life, then go to Umrah for a few times. In addition to the fulfillment of religious duties, important economic activity and tourism mobility arises. Dini
Edi In the past, the perception of the pilgrimage, according to the transportation facilities and geographic proximity, before or after the pilgrimage of the center of the Caliphate, göre said Coşkun, said:
"During the Ottoman Empire, and the pilgrimage to the land is connected to the empire, because the caliphate and the center of Istanbul, as well as the soil gets into the empire in Europe and Asia, were blessed journey via Turkey.
Turkey is experiencing its golden age in terms of highways in the transportation field, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep, Urfa, Adana, such as is provided by our Syria and Iraq's neighboring province highway transportation. Recently, Ankara Eskişehir and Ankara Konya line has been opened with the importance given to the rail system and Ankara Istanbul line is being made. Konya, Gaziantep matter to be re-done historic Hejaz railway line as a high-speed train, this route both in Turkey especially Europe, the Balkans, Asia, Russia and the Caucasus will be blessed journey route.
Coskun, Turkey recalling that this is a world leader in civil aviation; Ları They have flights to all of the regions and are preferred. Pilgrims to be transported to Istanbul by pilgrims from Europe, Asia, Caucasus, Russia and other countries will be transferred to the holy land by pilgrimage. Here will be tried for two purposes of this provision, ensuring smooth operation over Turkey's ride due to the first alternative high-speed railway facilities, the second placing of inclusion in Turkey's outbound or return to the pilgrimage perception ensuring smooth operation over Turkey's blessed journey, "he said.
The project of Sultan Abdülhamit, which he described as a magnificent project, also gave information about the financing of the 100 annual dream Hijaz High Speed ​​Train Project. Dr. Osman Coskun, feasibility studies after completion of the project can be financed with multiple models, he said.
"The Savings Fund" and "Hajj Economics Management System" model to accumulate funds that can be used as a source of financing the Hijaz High Speed ​​Train Project Coskun, said: "Before the pilgrimage to be economically ready for individuals to save money on a regular basis with the model to save the accumulated funds In order to support an overlapping project, it contributes to the financing of the project in a manner that is advantageous to the savings owners and in the projected proportion. ört
Coşkun stated that the financing to be collected can be used in the project by ensuring that ade Financing Model from the Masses mek and et Citizens from the Masses C can benefit from or benefit from the profitable public investment.
In addition, underlining that participation in construction costs can also be made, Coskun said: veya By making direct investments of national or international construction companies that will make a wide range of manufacturing and construction projects that make up the Cost of the Project, financial institutions may be involved in the financing of the project by providing loans. Different resource models such as ”opening to international partnership kaynak, Yatırım Partial public investment cost contribution kat and” Contribution of the Stakeholder Countries to Investment Cost “can be developed“
Dr. Coşkun said that, thanks to the system referred to as the Hajj Saving Fund or Hajj Economics Management System, individuals can save money for Hajj or Umrah in a system before the time of hajj or Umrah.
Reminding that the pilgrim was obliged to do the economic power at least once in every Muslim's life, Coskun reminded that the pilgrimage visit by plane and partial highway transportation has a certain economic dimension.
Coşkun emphasized the fact that people cannot fulfill the pilgrimage for economic reasons. Da It is possible to ensure that this worship which makes dreams easier for every Muslim is easier to do and that our citizens, who have less income or who cannot provide the necessary financing, can also make use of this worship. a pre-savings financial preparation can be made. One dimension of the project is to send our citizens to savings whatever the name. Saving culture, as it facilitates the execution of the purpose of the savings can be shifted to other areas in moments of crisis is very important for the individual, icra he said.
Coşkun gave the following information about the implementation of the project: anet The institutions regulating the economic activities of the public, the ones who want to operate in this system from the Participation Banks and the Presidency of Religious Affairs prepare the methods, procedures, principles and legislation of the system and create some incentives and advantages. The citizen enters the system with small savings according to his power to operate in the Participation Bank. He collects as much small savings as he wants. This fund is used to benefit the fund owners of the financial needs of the Hajj economy. If the fund is not available to the people under attractive conditions can give a hajj-umre credit. Fon
Coşkun stated that the public can be shared with the ongoing works like the Ankara-Yozgat-Yıldızeli High Speed ​​Train Project and said:
Ecek People can be shared, things can be made faster than the country's economy will not bring extra burden. The works are done by using money from the budget;
The 25 billion was collected in the Private Pension Fund. With such projects, a minimum of 100 billion may be collected with the funds accumulated in the Education System Fund and other funds. It will relax the country's economy like the second reserve budget and encourage people to save. Therefore, it will ensure that our country, which is in the last place in the savings, is in first place.
There is a Sharif of Hadith of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.
Coşkun noted that the project they prepared about the birikim Hajj Sheep ı practice, which is common in the Ottoman period, is still practicable, and that there has been a significant accumulation before the pilgrimage journey thanks to the individual but widely applied practice among the professionals.
Coşkun gave the following information about the project he prepared for the present day:
Iş Profession had kept a purse in a corner of the business center until it had come and used it. This pouch, daily, weekly or monthly trade from the spice of his house, after separating the capital and expenses of his shop, a portion of his wife, this bag would throw. When the time comes, when you feel ready, when you get a spiritual light, sign or call, the ruler of Hajj begins to prepare for the worship, so he takes out his pouch. Of course, according to the means and the duration of the pilgrimage journey, the money saved in the bag, some of the money for the duration of the journey to leave his lady to leave, part of the job required to start again as the capital separates, the rest of the pilgrimage journey with the rest. With this aspect, the practice of pilgrimage sac has many meanings.
Once there is the economic aspect of the Hajj Hassa and conditions must be formed. With the application of the Hajj sac; In the pilgrimage time will increase the cost of time, spreading the long-term pay.
In fact, tradesmen who have implemented Hajj 's pouches individually make financial investments. Although tradesmen save money for pilgrimage, they actually make small savings and individual savings. In case of emergency, it can also use it in other areas. If we think that this application is being developed with an argument to be developed and that millions of pilgrimages are collected in this application pool. With the uz Hajj and Umrah Economy Management System “, we have reached a source of savings, millions of savings and a significant amount of funds.


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