Snow breaks for beginners

Snow breaks for beginners: As a native of İzmir, my relationship with snow until this year; On the way to Istanbul, all my work remains Noel ¨hoohoohoo¨ screaming in Izmir was a Santa Claus. But this year I discovered something extraordinary: Snow breaks! I've fallen in love with this white spell when I went to Kartalkaya and Mavrovo, the new ski resort of Macedonia. Of course the biggest reason for me and a very economic traveler to discover the skiing holiday is; Tchibo, Decathlon, Trendyol stores, such as cheap ski outfit exchange; as well as Macedonia, Bulgaria affordable package tours to Turkey as the center began to sell.

The most romantic snow hotel: Kartalkaya Golden Key Chalet
Kartalkaya Golden Key Chalet, which dominates the unique view of the Köroğlu Mountains, is like the romantic snow hotels I have seen in movies with its warm atmosphere dominated by red color and wood, its comfort and activities for children. There is even more. Just 400 meters from the tracks. In chalet concept. Fireplaces, a great library, comfortable beds, goose down duvets, custom-made blankets, starched bedspreads and comfortable pillows promise a good night's sleep. Kartalkaya Golden Key Chalet is hosting SEDA BAĞCAN, a personal development guide, who draws his passion for life from “healing, music and science” between 13 - 15 February. A weekend full of love and affection awaits you at Golden Key Chalet, which will revive your feelings with SEDA BAĞCAN's special concert with the theme of love on the evening of February 14th. Also; ELİF EDES TAPAN, the creator of the "Mutlu Mutfak" brand and founding partner of the Cookie Factory, will meet with the couples on Valentine's Day with special recipes. While TAPAN conveys the secret of happy cuisine accompanied by wonderful canapes, it will invite guests to taste discovery at its dessert stop created with very special recipes. The workshop will include recipes from Elif TAPAN's second book, "Aphrodisiac Dishes - 14 Plates of Love", and the effects of cooking together in the attraction areas between couples will be investigated.

Physical conditions and environment in Kartalkaya: Although Kartalkaya may seem remote, it actually takes only 3-3,5 hours from Istanbul. Do not forget that many aircraft companies carry your ski equipment free of charge right now. - Ski, sled and snowboard rental service is available. - There is an elegant mountain cafe called Cafe Society in the hotel square, its hot wine and snacks are excellent. - The summit is about 2200 meters. In winter, the snow depth reaches up to 3-4 meters. - Ski season extends from December to almost early April. - Look for detailed information.

For economic ski breaks: Mavrovo!
Mavrovo region, located in the northwest of Macedonia, is one of the must-see white paradises of the Balkans with its magnificent nature, hospitable people and advanced ski facilities. In Mavrovo, which is only 1,5 hours away from the capital Skopje, where you can fly without a visa, you have the opportunity to stay in 3 or 4-star hotels from Thursday to Sunday. The Zare Lazerevski ski center, located in the region, has already taken its place among the favorites of ski lovers from all over the world, with its well-maintained tracks, wide lift network and night slings. A total of 6 tracks, each with different themes, appeal to everyone from beginner to master, and the biggest trick is to broadcast music throughout the day and night. In addition, you can easily handle all your needs on the tracks thanks to a Turkish-speaking team throughout the season.

Entertainment and sports together: Mavrovo ski resort stands out with its developed infrastructure. The hotels are very close to the tracks, even with a short walk, you find yourself in front of the chairlift. All kinds of ski equipment can be rented at very affordable prices. Thanks to the large number of ski lifts and chair lifts, you can easily climb to the top of the track at an altitude of 1860 meters. Gradually, there are ski tracks and board tracks suitable for all levels. Mavrovo ski center, which consists of 5.700 Ski Lifts and 11 Chair Lifts of 3 meters in total, has a capacity of 11.100 people per hour. Mavrovo Mountain; Since there is a music broadcast and lighting system on the slopes where the lifts are located, it seems that it will be among the most popular ski resorts in Europe due to the night skiing between 19:00 and 22:00 depending on the weather and track conditions. You have the chance to try the most delicious and cheap seafood and meat products in the stylish restaurants of the hotels in the region or in the modest taverns in the vicinity.

Prices: Economic ski package prices in Movrovo, excluding aircraft; Airport-hotel transfer, 3 per night for single accommodation and 3 daily skipass including 220 EU starts. When you reach Skopje by Pegasus or THY roads, you can reach the ski center by private buses from there.