Woman on wheel drive trolleybus

The woman at the wheel of the sock trolleybus drive was fired: the female trolleybus driver was laid off on the wheel in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Press of Krasnoyarsk Municipality Transport Office made a statement on the subject sözcüSvetlana Arsentyeva noted that they have photographs and images that prove the interesting event.
municipality sözcü“On Wednesday, the female driver was knitting socks in her hands when the traffic was heavy. Moreover, the number of passengers on the trolleybus he used was high. Some drivers who witnessed the event took a picture of the woman knitting socks at the wheel. Some of them recorded the footage with their mobile phones. " he spoke.
Noting that the driver violates the relevant traffic and passenger transport rules, Municipality sözcü“The driver whose identity was identified was dismissed and his statement was taken. The necessary penalties will be given within the framework of the law. The municipal administration will decide what the penalty will be. " said.

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