Construction of the university-Talas rail system line started

The construction of the University-Talas Rail system line started: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki met with the youth in Talas. "We have a claim and we want to grow this city constantly." Özhaseki said that by giving the good news about the rail system to the Talasians, the construction of the University-Talas line has started.
In addition to Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Dengiz and Talas Municipality candidate Mustafa Palancıoğlu attended the meeting held at My Country Student Dormitory. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, the presidential candidate who announced his projects for Talas, stated that they will conduct a study with academicians to guide the future of the youth and said, “We will establish a human resources development center. In our country, the wrong job selection is made. We will struggle to prevent this. We will have visionary activities for young people aged 10-25. We will show you the opportunities to receive scholarships from abroad. If we can prepare young people for the future, our country will be prepared for the future. ” said. They consider making Talas 24-hour library also mentioned Palancıoğlu of the project, the library will be found in the lounge to work, said Turkey's most qualified and would be the most widely used library.
"We have a claim and we want to grow this city constantly." Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki said, "Prestige projects must emerge to enlarge the city. We cannot say that we are one of the world cities without prestige projects. If you have not been able to switch to rail systems in public transportation, you can not talk big if you take people with minibuses. On the one hand, we built a 70 km long dam, and the sea came to Kayseri. We built modern sports facilities, national matches are played. We built a huge ski center in Erciyes. ” he spoke.
President Mehmet Özhaseki, who also gave good news about the rail system, said: “The construction of the Talas line between the University-Cemil Baba Cemetery has started. After 6-8 months, the rail system will be gone to Cemil Baba Cemetery. The rail system length is now more than 30 kilometers. ” said.


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