National Rail Research and Test Center

National Rail Systems Research and Test Center: During our visit to Anadolu University with Anadolu University and URAYSİM TEMA managers, Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, about the “National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSlM) to be established in Eskişehir within the scope of the“ Rail Systems Center of Excellence ”project conducted by Anadolu University sohbet we had the opportunity to
The National Rail Systems Center of Excellence (URAYSİM) project submitted to the State Planning Organization in June 2010 was accepted on the condition that it was revised in January 2011. The project, which was published in the Official Gazette on 14 January 2012 and included in the investment program, was started by gaining formality. This project, approved by the Ministry of Development, will be largely realized with the contribution of Anadolu University. Professor of the Project Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (MMF) Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece is running.
670 square meters of land for administrative units, laboratories, workshops, social areas and educational units of URAYSİM has been allocated to Anadolu University by Eskişehir Alpu Municipality. In addition, URAYSİM will have a 560 km test road. URAYSİM will be a center where all the stakeholders of the industry, the rail systems that they produce, the vehicles and components of the pulled-off, R&D, product development and prototype testing activities can be carried out. The center will also offer training opportunities. Also Anadolu University. In the field of rail systems engineering, establishing an equipped training unit has initiated the necessary initiatives.
For realization, URAYSİM has to put its hands on the provincial, metropolitan and sub-municipalities, universities, ESO, ETO and all institutions and organizations in the province. Because, when the project is implemented, its return to Eskişehir will be unpredictable. Eskişehir will be the world's leading city in the rail systems sector. Also, "RAILED SYSTEMS CLUSTER" was launched by TÜLOMSAŞ, ESO, Anadolu and ESOGÜ universities and around 250 companies in Eskişehir. In this area, “Strategy Document and Strategy Action Plan” was realized. It is very important that provinces, industry, universities, businessmen, non-governmental organizations such as ESO and ETO come together in Eskişehir.
The establishment of clusters in every sector will contribute to the development of our country and the city, and will bring the “TEAM SPIRIT” to the city. In our country, the provinces that developed the “TEAM SPIRIT” have made progress in every field. There are no vicious conflicts in these provinces. The interests of the provinces are in front of everything. There is unity and solidarity. The situation of Kayseri, Konya and Gaziantep, which provides this unity and solidarity, is in the middle. On the other hand, Anadolu University will be a productive university with its National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSlM), and will even set an example for other universities. In the USA, the university model “Market Model University” will also carry “Market Based University” to our country. This university model has met every need of America's ever-growing industry, and critical missions have been imposed, especially during wars.
During the Second World War, the construction of the atomic bomb and napalm bombs used in the Vietnam War were carried out by this university. In Turkey, some universities have adopted this model, but they reflect the action. Designed according to a modern company model, the purpose of the Market Model university model is in accordance with the 'maximize blood' rule. However, in Turkey in the universities, "the University community" and "student-university relations" is not in the desired size. In fact, universities are institutions that do not teach information, produce information and technology, and most importantly, contribute to the solution of country problems.
In order to provide technical development and support, universities benefit from universities and receive consultancy. Increase in quality in universities. Increases employability of graduates. National train Eskişehir Project, National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center, Turkey Locomotive Engine Industries Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ), Anadolu University, Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) and Eskişehir Railway Systems Cluster (RSK) has undertaken important tasks and took responsibility .
In Turkey, is taken a very important step for the future of rail in Eskisehir, will be the center of the rail sector is a fact that the rail system and the agenda of the coming of the national railway project. Especially Anadolu University, Anadolu Rail Transport Systems Cluster (ARUS) and Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster (RSK) have contributed greatly to Anadolu University, ESO and TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Mr. Hayri AVCI and her team. We're celebrating ...

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