1 Year Imprisonment on the Party that Damages the İzban Turnstiles

1 Year Imprisonment to the Party That Damages Izban Tourn't Paying Fees: Izmir Banliyö Sistemi A.Ş. (İZBAN) stop, jumped on the turnstile where he passed without showing a card AE'ye 1 years of imprisonment. The penalty was not paid and postponed.
In April last year, the event occurred in April XEUMX-year-old AE, football team match in Alsancak Stadium watched. Then he went to İZBAN's Halkapınar station with his friends to go home. The AE, which did not care for the warnings of the security guards, passed free of charge from the tourniquets without showing Kentkart. Not only did he get on the crossing turnstiles and cheer on his friends. AE intervened by officials, cheering on the one hand, on the one hand jumped on the turnstile. It was determined that AE, which was lowered by force, caused damage to the tourniquet and caused the breaker to break. A criminal complaint was filed with the public prosecutor about the AE, which caused a loss of about 26 thousand TL in the turnstile.
The investigation started within the scope of the investigation of the security belts at the station, applying to the testimonies of eyewitnesses, the public prosecutor AE 'damaging public property' opened a lawsuit for the crime. AE 2 was sentenced to a year of imprisonment in the case before the Izmir 1 Criminal Court of First Instance. The sentence was not converted to money and postponed. AE's lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court of Appeals.
Especially for the fans who made such attempts after the matches, it was reported that this decision of the court would be a precedent.



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