Turkey - a fast train between Mecca

Turkey - a fast train between Mecca: remaining from the Ottoman Empire, 'Hejaz Railway high-speed trains will be restored and pilgrimage başlayacak.y NEW Celtek Coal Operations General Manager Dr. Osman Coskun, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Istanbul Mayor as a result of the initiatives initiated during the Ottoman legacy of the hijaz will go on the pilgrimage of the railway. According to the new Akit news; "Fabulous Hejaz Railway Express International Pilgrimage Coordination and Turkey Project" was prepared. Through the project
Mecca-speed rail line will be established between Turkey, Europe, Asia, the Caucasus, Russia and other countries via Turkey to allow the release of the pilgrimage.
Restored Hejaz Railway, the magnificent project that converts the high-speed train network Expert Sword prepare with rock Coates, thanks to this project canlanarak re pilgrimage that takes place through Turkey during the Ottoman period, he said the Islamic world to the significant gains achieved. 100 thousand people during the pilgrimage to the holy land pilgrimage from Turkey, 350 thousand people perform the umrah trip reminding Coskun said:
Ir Recently, Ankara Eskişehir and Ankara Konya lines have been opened with the importance given to the rail system and Ankara Istanbul line is being constructed. Konya, Gaziantep matter to be re-done historic Hejaz Railway line as fast trains, this route both in Turkey especially Europe, the Balkans, Asia, Russia and the Caucasus route will be blessed journey. "
Coşkun stated that the project could be financed with more than one model after the completion of feasibility studies. told. Coşkun gave the following information about the implementation of the project: anet The institutions regulating the economic activities of the public, the ones who want to operate in this system from the Participation Banks and the Presidency of Religious Affairs prepare the methods, procedures, principles and legislation of the system and create some incentives and advantages. The citizen enters the system with small savings according to his power to operate in the Participation Bank. He collects as much small savings as he wants. This fund will be used to benefit the fund owners in the use of the financial need of the hajj economy. If the fund is not available to the people under attractive conditions can give a pilgrimage loan.

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