TRT Museum Wagon Arrives at Alsancak Railway Station

trt banana wagon
trt banana wagon

The TRT Museum Wagon arrived at the Alsancak Train Station: The publishing and history museum car exhibits a wide range of historical clothing from the oldest microphones in history.

Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) is celebrating its 50th anniversary with various activities. As part of these events, the “TRT Broadcasting and History Museum Wagon”, which set off from Ankara, reached the Alsancak Train Station. Wagon as well as Izmir in Turkey will meet with citizens in many points. Visitors to the wagon will be able to see the microphone used by Atatürk from historical clothes, from the oldest microphones in broadcasting history to today's virtual studios. TRT Museum Wagon; While preparing the result of a four-year study, it will be open to visitors at Alsancak Train Station until February 7.


Turkey's first radio broadcasts began from 1927 all kinds spent in Turkey, publishing and social sphere technological, sociological, economic and cultural developments of today and the visitors prepared TRT Museum Wagon for transport to the next generation attracted great interest. Turkey sounds of radio and screen, the way the colors and memories "TRT Museum Wagon" the ride will continue until May 14 and wagon, will be opened for visits of citizens in 20 provinces.



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