Transportation infrastructure should be revised in Malatya

Transportation infrastructure in Malatya should be revised: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Assoc. Dr. Fikret Sinasi KazanCioglu said that the city's transportation infrastructure should be revised quickly.
Continuing local elections KazanCIoğlu visited TCDD Malatya 5th Regional Directorate, Railway-İş Union Malatya Branch, Turkish Transportation-Sen Malatya Branch, Railway Engineers Association Malatya Branch and Transportation Officer-Sen Malatya Branch. He held various positions in TCDD. KazanIn his speech during his visit, cioglu said, "We are trying to fulfill the requirements of being a railroader".
Expressing that the railwaymen are brothers KazanCioğlu said, “This is our home. This is one of the indispensable institutions of Turkey. Veteran people work in this institution, which is older than our republic. We are members of an institution that knows the existence of the state in every step it takes. Railways is an Ottoman and Republican profession," he said.
KazanNoting that the railways are very important for Malatya, Cioğlu said, “In the East, in Anatolia, the Malatya railway has a very important corridor in both passenger and freight transport.
A great potential of freight transportation is made in the Malatya region," he said. Pointing out that transportation is one of the biggest problems in Malatya, KazanCioğlu said that transportation in Malatya has become chaotic and inextricable.
Expressing the need to switch to public transport quickly Kazan“Right now, a wrong choice has been made. There was a trambus tender, which had both technical and legal problems. It has not started yet on the date called 'to begin'. There is a very serious information pollution in the public about this issue," he said.
KazanEmphasizing the need to revise the transportation infrastructure in Malatya, Cioğlu said, “We must switch to the Monorail system, which does not occupy space in urban transportation and does not divide Malatya into two. We are talking about a transportation that is not very costly," he said.

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