Tramway Accident in Istanbul: 1 Injured

Tramway Accident in Istanbul: 1 Injured.KONYA Sıdıka 43-age on the universal rails trying to cross the road across the road, was under the tram. Sıdıka Universal was severely injured when his left toes were broken and he was hospitalized.
The accident occurred at around 17.30 on Yeni Istanbul Avenue in the central Selçuklu District. Sıdıka Evrensel, who allegedly wanted to cross the road over the tram rails, was hit by the tram approaching the station. Evrensel's toes broke off as the tram passed over his left foot. Sıdıka Evrensel, who survived the accident injured, was taken to the Selçuk University Medical Faculty Hospital and underwent surgery. Vatman, whose name was not disclosed after the accident, was detained. Investigation into the accident continues.



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