Konya tram line must be underground to prevent accidents

Konya tram line should be underground: In Konya, tram accidents are added to traffic accidents. Authorities say the only way to prevent accidents is to get the tram line under the ground
Selcuk University Research Center for Accidents Research, Prevention and Application Center Dr. Osman Nuri Steel, the city is growing day by day, we can not keep up with this growth, he said. In Konya, emphasizing the need to take the underground traffic now, the cost of the construction of the metro would be high, but in some dangerous areas to be taken under the tram of both the cost will be convenient and safer, he said. Noting that there is a security problem especially in Nalçacı region, Çelik said, böl In areas where pedestrians such as Nalçacı and the Municipality are very high, it should not be too late for the tram to be placed under the ground. I do not think that it will be costly as the subway construction will be costly. Yer Steel, due to the structure of the city due to unplanned construction of natural gas, such as the cost will increase due to steel, Steel, an In the past, a little water could be removed in Konya. Therefore the metro could not be built. However, at the moment at least in certain regions can be taken under the ground belli.


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