Two ends of Istanbul united from the top and bottom of the sea

The two ends of Istanbul merged above and below the sea: With the Golden Horn Metro Bridge, opened by Prime Minister Erdogan on Saturday, both ends of Istanbul were connected from above and below the sea.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated the Golden Horn Metro Bridge, which integrates the project of the century, Marmaray, with Taksim Metro. In his speech at the ceremony, Erdogan stated that the line consisting of 3 stations is the most difficult subway construction in the world and summarized: “We built this line without damaging or even uncovering historical artifacts in the region that has thousands of years of history. More than 50 thousand works were produced. It turned out that the history of Istanbul goes back to 8 years ago. With this sensitivity, we spent 500 million, taking into account a 4.5-year delay for the opening. With this line, another historical step is taken in Istanbul transportation. We produce actions, not words. In the Tenth Anniversary March, you can say, "We knit with iron nets." Who knitted it? Is this the CHP? There is no step in the rail system after Gazi Mustafa Kemal. They condemned our people to black trains for decades, killed them on single-lane roads, and humiliated them at hospital gates. 77 in Istanbul, Turkey, then in 1994, all we get out of this mindset. When I took over the municipality from the CHP, Istanbul was trash and waterless. The CHP mentality is already garbage, air pollution, thirst. The world is talking about Marmaray. Now, this bridge in the Golden Horn will be discussed. ”After his speech, Erdoğan cut the opening ribbon of the line with the protocol. Later, he made the first ride of Yenikapı-Şişhane Metro, passing through the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge. Getting off at the station on the bridge, the Prime Minister took a souvenir photo and watched Istanbul from the Golden Horn. Upon a journalist's question, Erdogan said the following about the Golden Horn: “The scenery is beautiful. It will be better. There are shabby structures on both legs of the bridge. I told my Metropolitan Mayor again. This is a very old dream. We said, 'Let's make an agreement with the citizens, both Fatih and Beyoğlu municipalities, and make urban transformation without harming anyone. Hopefully, we will develop it rapidly and put it at the service of Istanbulites. " Meeting with the tradesmen of Private Public Buses in the evening, Erdogan promised a VAT and SCT regulation.
Later, the Prime Minister, who attended the Ordulular Night, recalled the truck raids in Adana and said, “The trucks are being stopped. MİT personnel are laid on the ground and a gun is pointed at them. Who is doing this? "Those who do this are those who act under the command of the parallel structure," he said. Stating that the police, prosecutor and judge of this country received instructions from other places, Erdogan said, "We will find and remove this parallel structure no matter where they hide, no matter how they are hidden, and we will ask them to account in the presence of the nation, within the law."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to the opening ceremony with Marmaray. Erdogan getting on the train in Üsküdar with citizens on the train sohbet did. The Prime Minister, who was traveling on foot, sat on the seat of the Yenikapı-Şişhane subway after he opened it.
70 thousand passengers per hour
Turkey's first metro bridge which Şişhane-Horn Metro Crossing Bridge was out of Sarıyer connect to the Marmaray Taksim. The distance between Taksim and Yenikapı, which takes half an hour by bus, takes 8 minutes, and takes an hour by sea route.Kadıköy between fell to 25 minutes. A person who rides from Başakşehir Metrokent, Habibler Masjid Selam, Bakırköy Atatürk Airport, Sarıyer Hacıosman will be able to pass under the Bosphorus by rail and go to Kartal. It will take 70 minutes between Taksim and Kartal. The 3 km long line consisting of 3.5 stations, including the Golden Horn, Şehzadebaşı and Yenikapı, cost $ 671 million. 124 wagons will carry passengers and even once every 4 minutes. 70 thousand passengers per hour can be carried in one direction. Trains have the feature of driverless use. In this way, any kind of intervention can be done by an operator in the control center. In order to prevent the Historic Peninsula from being affected by noise, state-of-the-art rail connection systems were preferred. The bridge would enter service 4.5 years ago. However, the historical artifacts that emerged during the excavations in Yenikapı increased the cost and delayed the opening.

There is no example in the world
Speaking at the opening of the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş criticized the opposition and said, “When we say 'Marmaray, high speed train', they say 'brake brake'. "Those who constantly step on the brakes are not aware that their brake pads are over." Stating that history has been witnessed, Topbaş said: “We fought long struggles with those who said 'we will not do it' and those who complained about us to UNESCO. It was held for a while. We explained the situation to UNECSO with the reports of the world's advanced experts. We came to the point today. The reinforced concrete and steel part of the bridge's viaducts is an engineering wonder. It is an important bridge that can be opened 90 degrees and has a station on it. It is a first in the world with these features. I believe that our engineering faculties will obtain a technological knowledge by examining these studies on site.

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