BUDO and IDO between the competition continues

The great competition between BUDO and İDO continues: The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues to compete with the Istanbul Sea Buses Management (İDO).
İDO, which withdrew from Bursa Market 3 months ago, announced that it would start the sea buses again and sold promotional tickets from 9 liras, BUDO immediately responded and sold 7,5 thousand promotional tickets from 5 liras. Promotion ticket sales, which will start on February 14, Valentine's Day, delighted Bursa residents.
Bursa Sea Buses Operation, which was established by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide a healthy and comfortable transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, met with Bursa residents on January 24, 2013. BUDO, Bursa Mudanya and Istanbul, where the citizens complain about the flexible price tariff applied in sea transportation. Kabataş It has become a strong and ambitious brand in a short time in passenger transportation, which it started mutually between the piers on two weekdays. Upon intense demands from citizens, the number of flights is increased up to 2 times on four days a week, 5 on Friday and 7 times on Sunday, while approximately 6 thousand people have preferred BUDO in transportation between Bursa and Istanbul.
After İDO announced that it will sell 9 thousand promotional tickets from Bursa to the Bursa market by sea buses, BUDO normally carries 20 and 16 TL passengers, and has sold 20 thousand promotional tickets from 7,5 lira. BUDO tickets will be available at the address of budo.burulas.com.tr with a 5 percent discount as of 14-20 February. Sales will be effective from February 60st to March 21st, without exchange and refund. Burulaş officials announced that similar campaigns will continue if the demand continues.
The seaplane, which is one of the most important rings of the transportation investments chain of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and reduces the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to 18 minutes, was another means of transportation that Bursa people met in 2013. Except for Tuesday, the sea plane, which started its flights on April 2, 2, with 4 flights from Haliç and 1 from Gemlik every day of the week, started to make 2013 flights on weekdays and 10 flights on weekends. Working with a 12 percent occupancy rate, the seaplane has carried 100 thousand 14 passengers to date. Expressing that today is the most important value of time, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Both our businessmen and our managers, who have to go to and from Istanbul, were competing with time to get their work done in a day. Those who prefer the seaplane in transportation have the opportunity to go one step ahead in this race. The number of trips can be increased when needed, if the trips are increased upon requests. '
Another transportation vehicle that Bursa residents met for the first time in 2013 was Helitaxy. From Helitaxi commissioned by the Metropolitan Municipality, from Bursa KadıköyCitizens who can reach 25 TL in 300 minutes, 28 TL in 325 minutes from Bursa to Şişli and 35 TL in 350 minutes from Bursa to Atatürk Airport, Kadıköyfrom Şişli to 4 TL in 100 minutes, from Şişli to Atatürk Airport in 8 minutes in 100 minutes, KadıköyIt can reach Atatürk Airport from 12 TL in 150 minutes. Bursa Burulaş Heliport with helitaxi, which serves with a fleet of 13 vehicles, each with a capacity of 6 vehicles, of Skyline, Kadıköy İspark Heliport is built from Şişli Municipality Marriage Office Parking Lot and Atatürk Airport Heliport. With Helitaxi, which attracts the attention of businessmen in particular, 1370 people travel until now, and businessmen who have spent one day to solve their jobs in Istanbul until now have the opportunity to finish their work in a limited time and return to Bursa.
A happy ending was reached in 8 on the way that the Metropolitan Municipality, which used on the lines of Bursaray and imported from Germany, paid 4 million TL and 32 TL for 4 times, for the purpose of domestic tram production, 2013 years ago. Producing hair clippers under the consultancy of the Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Firması'n produced by silkworms brand in Turkey's first indigenous tram Bursa street began to passenger transport. with urban tram line aims to bring a fundamental solution to the transportation problem in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was also taken to the front foot as a first in Turkey have pioneered the production of local tram. 6,5 thousand people have been traveling with the local trams working on the 980-kilometer Sculpture - Garage tram line, which has been implemented in order to solve the urban transportation problem, and the number of passengers is expected to increase with the increase in the number of vehicles and trips.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has taken an important step in the realization of a dream by establishing a new airline company with the partnership of 95 percent Burulaş and 5 percent Besaş. Mayor Altepe stated that Bursa is too late in air transportation, and said that the work towards purchasing 2 new planes for the airline company is continuing rapidly after the seaplane. Expressing that there are economic losses due to the lack of air transportation, President Altepe said, 'In the first place, flights will be made between Yenişehir and then between Bursa and Istanbul. We want to fly to Trabzon, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Antalya, Bodrum, Skopje with 80 and 95 airplanes. '


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