TCDD Express made a description of the trains of the trains

TCDD Express Expressed about the trains of the trains: It is seen that the following description about the news of the cities of 17 September and 6 September Expresses, which are located on some websites today, has been deemed necessary.
11 On February 2014, Aksakal-Cigarcý Stations on the Balıkesir-Bandırma route, the mobile vehicle carrying the catenary poles was suspended due to hose failure and closed the road.
Immediately after the incident, the emergency response team and the authorities arrived at the scene.
17 September Express passengers with the Izmir direction were kept in Sığırcık Station, and the direction of Xandıra will go to Bandırma.
When the first intervention and the cranes supplied from the site were insufficient, the bus from Bandırma was provided for the transportation of the passengers by bus.
The incoming buses will go to Izmir 17 September Express passengers taking the 6 transferred to September Express, Izmir was sent to.
6 September Express passengers, who were taken from Aksakal Station with the same buses, were delivered to Bandırma.
In some news, the term esi accelerated ”train does not reflect the truth. The train is a conventional train consisting of diesel sets called ansiyon Anatolia endir.
During the waiting period, passengers were in the train and there was no problem due to natural and physical conditions.
The investigation is ongoing.


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