TCDD Batman Garage Raised Barriers

📩 29/11/2018 21:37

TCDD Batman Garage Office Lifts Barriers: TCDD Batman Garage Directorate built a disabled platform with a lift to the train underpass.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Directorate of Batman Gara de neglected the need of public institutions as well as private organizations have launched a sample application for the disabled. The Station Directorate has placed a boarding band with an elevator in the underpass in order to ensure that the disabled can come and go from the train underpass without difficulty. Disabled citizens coming and going from the underpass with the disabled platform, which has been activated, thanked TCDD for providing such a service to them, even if it is late.
Batman train station with the disabled platform aims to eliminate the obstacles stating that TCDD Batman Garage Director Hidayet Göktaş, citizens asked to support such services. Göktaş said that the disability platform is a sensitive device. This is an important service. It is a service that relieves the disabled citizens traveling by train. We expect sensitivity from our citizens. They don't use it unnecessarily. It is a sensitive device. Do not play with the buttons and other parts. But
Citizens who emphasized that TCDD has put in an important service, thanked those who contributed to the establishment of the platform.

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