Beyazit from Sultançiftliğine Metro

Metro to Beyazit from Sultanciftligi: A new route is being integrated into the metro system within the scope of the project carried out to expand the transportation networks of the Istanbul metro.
In addition to a new metro line that will reach Sultançiftliği from Beyazıt, there is another metro that extends from the last station of Marmaray on the Anatolian Side to Kaynarca.
You can go from Edirnekapı to Sultançiftliği by following Fatih Fevzipaşa street with the new metro line that will be connected to the station of the Haliç metro bridge in Şehzadebaşı, which provides the Taksim Yenikapı connection. The metro line, which was put out to tender for the project by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, passes through Edirnekapı Station, through the buttons from Eyüp center, Rami Cuma, Rami, Sarıgöl, Bağlarbaşı, Fevzi Çakmak, Yeşilpınar, Kazım Karabekir, Karayolları Neighborhoods, Yunus Emre, Esentepe, Uğur Mumcu, Cebeci Neighborhoods. It will reach Sultançiftliği. Within the scope of the project to be put out to tender on March 10, the feasibility and etude study of the metro system to be built on the line will be carried out. Unlike the new subway line from Edirnekapı to the tram line that goes to Sultançiftliği, it will travel to the centers and neighborhoods of the three districts.


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