Students will be solved by way of road chasm railway underpass

Students' road ordeal will be solved by the railway underpass: TCDD has come to the rescue of students walking 150 kilometers to go to the school 2 meters away in Samsun Havza.
In the Havza district of Samsun, an underpass is made for students who can reach their schools by walking around 2 kilometers due to the construction of a firewall on the edges of the railway.
Students who follow the works are happy to be able to reach their schools in a short way. The suffering of students who have to walk an extra 19 kilometers to reach their schools due to the railway passing by Mehmet Öngel Primary School in the 2 Mayıs District will end with the underpass.
In the said Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) began to work by subway.
Following the works supported by Havza Municipality, the headman of İnönü Mahallesi, Abdurrahman Teber, said that the students who had to walk about 100-150 kilometers to reach the school about 2-XNUMX meters due to the pedestrian underpass and railway around İnönü Mahallesi Anar Street. he said they could reach their schools in a safer way.
Stating that the contact between 19 Mayıs District and İnönü District has been broken with the firewall built by the TCDD on the railroad, the biggest damage from this is that the students who have gone to Mehmet Öngel Primary School in the 19 Mayıs District have seen “Basin for the safety of our students and the passage that will allow them to reach the school in a short time. Our applications to the Municipality and TCDD were welcomed and the construction of the underpass was started. Our students will now reach their schools in a safer and shorter time. I would like to thank the officials who made the underpass by listening to our voice. ”
The students who are curious about the studies stated that they were happy to shorten the way of the school.
In order to install 20 pieces, each of which is 3 tons, Sivas-Amasya-Samsun trains were temporarily closed to traffic. The giant cones were replaced with the 125 ton crane from Sivas. In order to complete the work in a short time TCDD and Havza Municipality 80 workers are working continuously.
According to information received from TCDD officials, it was stated that underpasses were safer and therefore level crossing requests were not approved by TCDD. The underpass to be constructed by TCDD will be constructed by Havza Municipality.
Havza Municipality Public Relations Manager Ömer Faruk Çörekçioğlu, TCDD passengers are not to be victimized quickly noted that the work is continuing.


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