Izmir-Bandırma accelerated train trial flights began

Izmir-Bandırma expedited train trials have started: AK Party Balikesir Deputy Cemal Öztaylan said that the expedited trains between Izmir and Bandirma have started trials on February 1, 2014. Explaining that the accelerated trains depart from Izmir at 8.20 and 14.15 at Bandırma at 7.00 and 15.55 in the morning, Öztaylan stated that each wagon on the accelerated train, which is fully equipped with computers, carries a total of 60 passengers.
Pointing out that there is a machinist section at both ends of the accelerated trains, Öztaylan said that the train can move bidirectionally and this feature is an important feature for the Bandırma line. Pointing out that the safety of life and property on the train is at the top level, Öztaylan said, “The train does not move until the doors are closed. The train is ahead of possible accidents that may occur with this feature. In addition, the vibration does not pass to the inner floor due to the air cushions at the bottom. The speed of the train per hour reaches 140 km. There are bed and dinner sections on the train. ”


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