Mardin Castle from the SP candidate cable car project

Cable car project from SP candidate to Mardin Castle: Businessman Şakir Nuhoğlu, who was a mayor candidate from the Saadet Party (SP) in the Artuklu district of Mardin, stated that if he was elected president, he would install a cable car system in Mardin's famous fortress.

SP Artuklu Mayoral Candidate Şakir Nuhoğlu, who visited the neighborhoods in Mardin and visited the citizens as part of the election campaign, tells the citizens about the projects he has prepared for Mardin. Businessman Şakir Nuhoğlu, who promised to realize all the projects he prepared for Mardin one by one, said that he was preparing a project especially to go to Mardin Castle, which is the heart of Mardin's tourism, by cable car. Şakir Nuhoğlu stated that the preparations are continuing at full speed in Mardin, which will apply for UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage in 2014, and said, “The restoration of the castle in Mardin, which has the title of the third city in the world, after Venice and Jerusalem, will begin in March. mayor, by the grace of God. kazanIf I do, I will first establish a cable car system for our people to go to the castle and to make Mardin Castle more attractive. For the ropeway system to be established, we will examine the ropeway systems in different countries that stand out with the history of Europe. And that is how we will set up the system.” said

Expressing that Mardin's natural structure and stone architecture is a unique beauty, Nuhoğlu said: “Mardin is the third archaeological city in the world with its medieval appearance after Jerusalem and Venice. There are traces of 3 civilizations in Mardin. These features make Mardin different and privileged in the world. We will not produce words. We will perform.


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