Snow Walk on the summit of Tahtali Mountain

Snow Walk on the summit of Tahtali Mountain: Olympos Teleferik Center, located at the summit of Tahtali Mountain, visited by thousands of tourists during 12 months in Tekirova, welcomes adrenaline enthusiasts in summer and winter.

The glory of the Tahtalı Mountain, which is one of the number one choice of hiking paragliders in the summer, and the snow walkers in winter, fascinates the viewers.

The top of the mountain, located at a height of 2365 meters above sea level, goes up in the 20 minute by cable car. The summit is home to paragliding enthusiasts in summer and professional mountain climbers in the winter season. After the summit, paragliding jumps were suspended. On the summit, paragliding was replaced by hiking activities. Due to the hardness of the wind in the winter months, the paragliding paragliding at the summit, the snow scenery is arbitrary.