Ski and rafting show in Palandök

Palandöken ski and rafting Show: hotel management for domestic and foreign tourists of Turkey's major ski resorts in Palandöken torch skiing, ski jumping shows, ice wall climbing, rafting and organized activities.

Palandöken is living its golden age. While skiing is not possible in many ski resorts due to the lack of snow due to the dry winter, the snow thickness in Erzurum Palandöken is 80 centimeters. Due to the end of the semester holiday, Xanadu Hotel organized an entertainment night for local and foreign tourists. Under the sponsorship of an energy drink company, local and foreign athletes made a show jump with skiing. Torch skiing and rafting mountaineering show was held at minus 15 degrees. The world-famous Turkish mountaineer Tunç Fındıkçı climbed the ice wall built and put into service within the hotel campus. Later, local and foreign tourists and ski instructors performed halay with folk songs and had fun.

Hotel General Manager Murat Altuğ Kargı said that domestic and foreign guests were satisfied with the entertainment program they organized for customers. Kargı said that the entertainment programs they have made will continue throughout the winter. In the meantime, a car in the open parking lot next to the hotel's luxury car with a trip to attract attention.