Skiing and Prayer in Uludag

Uludag Skiing and Prayer in One: Bursa's important ski resort in Uludag half-term holiday, the weekend was combined with a great intensity.

Bursa's important ski resort, Uludag, the half-term holiday, the weekend combined with a great intensity was. Not only the Turks on the ski track, but also flocked many foreigners. Egyptian tourists, the midday on the ski slope kept prone to keep the prayer.

All the while longing for Turkey, especially black rain, snow thickness reached 55 centimeters Uludag, was flooded with domestic and foreign tourists to enter the semester break of school. The hotels region of Uludağ was overwhelmed by the weekend breaks during the semester break. Numerous domestic and foreign tourists enjoyed the snow with their children. Some chose to ski, some chose to experience the beauty of nature by traveling over the snow.

At lunchtime there was an interesting view of the ski slope in front of the hotels district. The men in the tourist group of the Egyptian 20 who were waiting in the long line in front of the ropeway, who took the holidaymakers to the top, kept each other at a stand side by side. The group, including children, made the prayer one of them again. Tourists waiting in line for the ropeway watched with a baffled look at those who prayed next to them.


Uludağ'la families with children coming to ski school with snow boord and ski teams to enjoy the fun, while in the immediate vicinity of the summit in the Sarıalan region, families with children on picnic, slipping with nylon bags enjoy the abdomen.

The children who spend the semester holiday with their families to Uludag, which the holidaymakers call White Heaven, have fun for their families and store energy for the new semester. Children who come to Sarıaalan for a picnic day by day with their families are slipping with the bags of rubbish bags and nylon bags.

Picnicing families, day trip to the mountain is very enjoyable even, said: "What to do with our children 'poşetski' enjoy the holiday," he said.