The preliminary election applications of the Sivas-Erzincan Railway Project Section I. infrastructure construction tender were collected

TCDD Sivas - Erzincan Railway Project Cut-offs
The pre-selection applications of the X Slaughter I (Km 0 + 000-50) Infrastructure Construction ”tender for the ales Sivas - Erzincan Railway atı project, to be realized by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), were collected on the day of 400 January 28.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The companies that applied for pre-selection for the tender are as follows:
1. Akkord Industry
2. Alsim Alarko
3. Doğuş Construction
4. Cengiz Construction
5. Cengizler - Musfalt Mad. - Cemiloğlu Group - Arma Yol
6. Construction - Sarıdağlar Construction - Nuhoğlu İnşaat
7. Elitbay - Burkay Construction - Mürsel Yapı - Gür Çelik İnş.
8. ERG Construction - Turkerler Construction - Pallet Construction
9. Fermak - Koçoğlu - Compliance Structure - Nursoy - Özcan Yapı
10. Gülermak Construction - Kolin Construction - Kalyon Construction
11. Gülsan Construction - HGG Construction - Haspınar Construction
12. Güriş Construction - Ünal Akpınar - Göçay Construction
13. IC İçtaş Construction
14. İntekar Yapı - Construction STS Construction
15. Kyivmetrobud-Piramid Mesken-Sigma-Pınar Telek.
16. Limak Construction
17. Makyol Construction
18. Mapa Construction
19. Nas Construction - May Construction - Eferay Yapı
20. Nurol Construction
21. Contact Özdemir directly - B.Early Road Construction - Tarmac Agrega
22. Özaltın Construction - Mön Construction
23. Seza Construction
24. Şenbay Mining - Özgün Yapı
25. Tekfen Construction
26. Yuksel Construction - YDA Construction - Sogut Construction
27. YSE Construction
28. ZDL Mad. - Özaras Group - Dido Ray - Demce Yapı
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1162 / 30 Interval 2013 (APE)

Source : I

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