Şişhane-Haliç Metro Will Carry 70 Thousand Passengers per Hour

Şişhane-Haliç Metro 70 thousand passengers per hour will move: Turkey's first metro bridge which Şişhane-Horn Metro Crossing Bridge was out of Sarıyer connect to the Marmaray Taksim.
It takes 8 minutes between Taksim and Yenikapı, which takes half an hour by bus, and takes about an hour by sea.Kadıköy between fell to 25 minutes. A person who rides from Başakşehir Metrokent, Habibler Masjid Selam, Bakırköy Atatürk Airport, Sarıyer Hacıosman will be able to pass under the Bosphorus by rail and go to Kartal. It will take 70 minutes between Taksim and Kartal. The 3 km long line consisting of 3.5 stations, including the Golden Horn, Şehzadebaşı and Yenikapı, cost $ 671 million. 124 wagons will carry passengers and even once every 4 minutes. 70 thousand passengers per hour can be carried in one direction. Trains have the feature of driverless use. In this way, any kind of intervention can be done by an operator in the control center. In order to prevent the Historic Peninsula from being affected by noise, state-of-the-art rail connection systems were preferred. The bridge would enter service 4.5 years ago. However, the historical artifacts that emerged during the excavations in Yenikapı increased the cost and delayed the opening.

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