Siirt - Kurtalan Railway Project 01 was asked to bid until April 2014

AYGM Siirt - Kurtalan Railroad Project 01 was asked to bid until April 2014
The preliminary selection evaluation studies for the UM Siirt-Kurtalan Railway Survey Design and Engineering Services Consultancy Service UM tender, which were collected by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) on 06 December 2013, were completed.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; pre-selection companies were asked to bid until 01: 2014 on 10 April 00. The full list of companies that won the pre-selection of the tender was determined as follows:
1. Infrastructure Engineering
2. KMG Project
3. Mega Engineering
4. Honeycomb Project
5. Su- Yapı Engineering
6. UBM Inc.
7. Contact Yüksel directly
8. Yüksel Project
9. ZTM Engineering
Reference: Investments Journal 1159 / 09 December 2013 (SBA)

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