Siemens to invest Euro million for metro cars

📩 29/11/2018 18:30

For Siemens metro cars, 160 will invest millions of euros: German Siemens company and Russian industrial company Russkiye Mashini have set up a joint venture to enter into a tender for the replacement of wagons in the subway of Moscow with an investment of 160 million euros.
Da The company's headquarters will be located in Moscow. Partners will invest in 160 million euros for the development of the company and employ 800 people. Siemens and Russkiye Maşinı, will participate in the tender jointly. Siemens
Recalling that one of the criteria in the proposal stage is to make local production in Russia, the German company said: açık If we win the tender, we will start production activities in the Moscow region. The company is planning to localize at 2017 at a rate of% 80 when supported by the Siemens Plant, which produces metro cars in Vienna. The joint company will be one of the major projects in the field of infrastructure modernization and local production development of Russia alan.
Moscow authorities are planning to purchase 2 bin wagons to modernize the wagons in the subway.
In the meantime, Siemens and Russkiye Maşinı made the model of the wagon they would produce for the Moscow subways. Noise and vibration will be minimized in the wagons to be produced, there will be a ventilation system, it will provide more comfort with more internal width and high security level.

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