Samulaşın Tramvay Newspaper

Samulaşın Tramvay Newspaper: The newspaper Samulaşım Tramvay, which is the broadcasting organ of Samulaş, which is present within the body of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, started its broadcasting life a short time ago. ample
However, there are negative reactions of the public opinion as well as the positive reactions of the newspaper distributed. Adverse reactions are caused by the people who reach the newspaper who say that the people who distribute the newspaper are the security people.
They heat it up like Temcit pilaf.
Ahmet Semih Dogan, a citizen of the explanations as follows: lam The newspaper was in the first days I think. I arrived in front of the turnstile to ride the SHRS train from the Opera station. He handed me that paper, a security guard. I also bought the newspaper to avoid the courtesy to break the guardian friend and I put my pocket. It caught my attention while I was traveling. At every station we have arrived, the officials are trying to give the newspaper to the passengers without a newspaper. I decided to go up and down again at the next stop. When I arrived at the Faculty of Education station as I decided, I went down and waited for the ride again. I've got the newspaper, I'll give it to another passenger, not to waste, I said. But I have to give this newspaper to our passengers. Please take and read and give a relative to read. I bought the newspaper again and got on the train to get to the station. When I arrived at the University station without extension, I went down to ride to the Faculty of Medicine with the ring, while another security guard told me again as he handed me the newspaper. Look at me, my friend, there are two newspapers. I said give it to the citizens who did not buy, and this time I politely refused to accept the newspaper. I'm in the ring, I see what a friend, the seats were full of newspapers. At that moment I said I'll tell all of this experience to a journalist and I explained this to you O.
Why would the newspaper be given a more?
Süleyman Öksüz, said the following in a citizen. Meden A newspaper was ignited before I boarded the Turkis station. I took the paper and read it to the station. In Republic Square, I put the newspaper back to stanta as another citizen to read. One of my hands was ignited while I was leaving the turnstile. I didn't take it. I have followed a short period of security. They're distributing the paper with such seriousness that you don't think they're a security guard. While distributing newspapers, the security guards intervened at the last moment without missing the ground and the trains stopping and taking up primary duties. In that moment, I said that friends, I hope they get rid of this job as if they were drawn from the butter. Or, God forbid, the consequences that cannot be prevented. I think the Samulaş authorities should distribute this newspaper to someone other than the security guards. Bence
Who will be responsible if the trains crash?
Before I wrote the news, I went to the university station and took a train from Mimar Sinan stop to take a deposit from Alaçam garage. I got the paper to read. I saw all the stations before I landed. At all stations, the security guards had left their jobs and served as a newspaper distributor. I think that Süleyman Öksüz said that security guards, turnstiles and trains should be able to control the movement and stopping of traffic on the ground. Otherwise, they will not be able to distribute newspapers and control trains and floors. As a citizen and as a journalist, I think that Samulaş should produce even better solutions in this regard. We think that those who control the trains according to SHRS passengers should do the other officials, not the ones who check the tourniquet entries. (I know very well that Samulaş officials are open to criticism and self-criticism)

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