Riyadh Metro to be completed at 2018

The Riyadh Metro will be completed in 2018: The construction of the 170-metered metron in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, will be completed at 2018. According to officials of the Riyadh High Commission of Development, the 6 line will be located on the 87 line and the 73,4 kilometer of the metro will pass below the ground.
The tunnels in the transport network, which will cost around 8,6 billion dollars, will be built especially in the most cramped and most densely populated areas of traffic. Underground tunnels will be equivalent to 41,7 of the total length of the project.
The 10,7 of the metro line will continue at the city road level and the 47 part (about 84 kilometers) will be constructed as elevated.
Officials said the metro lines will be defined by the color code. When the subway line is completed, all the main centers in the city will be connected to each other.



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