The action of reading books

reading action in the Marmaray: Young Platform members Turkey has made reading a book Marmaray action. Platform members gave books and pens to the passengers in Marmaray and said that their aim is to make them love reading and understanding.
Metrobus in the past engaged in the act of giving Platform members Young Turkey in November, made more interesting action.
Group members got on Marmaray from Üsküdar Station. Saying that the aim of the action was to make people like reading and understanding, the youth distributed books and pens to the passengers.
The book gifted passengers can not hide their astonishment, said they were satisfied with this kind of action.
Young Turkey Platform press release after the action of President Mohammad Ali Karakas said:
“Our platform consists of active youth associations. All our friends gave books and pens to the passengers in Marmaray. The aim here was to popularize reading and understanding books. The contents of the books we distributed were social, cultural and mostly artistic books. "We chose the books as gifts." a surprised expression that Karakas of passengers "Today, the Japanese 10-minute sauna session they read books even in, we look at the underground of the work in Switzerland book in the 3-5 minute time period, the görüyoruz.türkiye magazine or they read the newspapers, unfortunately, we do not care what magazines we descend We also see him reading a book. Of course, this makes us very sad as late. "We carried out such an action because we were worried about this," he said.

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