Rail Systems Clustering progresses with decisive steps

Rail Systems Clustering proceeds with decisive steps: Rail Systems Clustering was established on June 2011 with a sectoral and strategic point of view, taking into account long-term goals, directing opinion leaders, the desire, determination and management of leading organizations, and the intention of the organizations willing to act together. Since its establishment, regional development and sectoral development principles, first of all the capabilities to be gained in the continuation of our region in the domestic and overseas markets with the share of the work to reach our country's rail system Cluster (RSK) work is carried out according to the determined road map.
It is aimed to gain a significant market share in the fast growing sector of the rail systems sector with the industrial capabilities and accumulations coming from the past of our region and especially of Eskişehir.
Rail Systems Cluster is trying to construct a system, sub-system and final product, aiming to support its products with services and lifelong support, from the determination of need to end-of-life product support. Research & Development aims to work in an integrated process complementing with technology development zone and universities to develop technology, integrate with design and industry components to develop products, integrate with their products, test and certification processes complement with research and development.
With this holistic view, the Rail Systems Cluster is moving forward with firm and firm steps to make the region a long-term and permanent regional power in the Rail Systems sector.
For the needs of our country especially in the transportation sector, TÜLOMSAŞ's indispensable know-how and capabilities in this regard, the trained manpower of the industrial establishments in the ESO and the industrial enterprises and the appropriate infrastructures of the sector, especially the sectoral structuring of Anadolu and Osmangazi Universities, the realization of URAYSİM Research and Test Center, Hasanbey Logistics Center and the surrounding Logistics Center and Rail Systems Industry Region definitions and all the components needed to meet a structure has been provided.
URAYSIM (National Rail Systems Research and Test Center), which will be established in our region, will provide a significant privilege in international platforms with its structure that is targeted in a very short period of time with its structure that is one of the similar centers in the region with its infrastructure and functions. Our Technology Development Zone and industrial organizations integrated with this center are a candidate to be an important power of the sector in a short period of time.
With this structure and approach, Rail Systems Clustering will continue to work in order to achieve a sustainable and sustainable industrial approach in order to achieve the country's 2023 targets in accordance with the objectives of regional development agencies and the sectoral structures of the regions in the coming period.
Why Clustering?
… Competitive environments, getting power from cooperation çi “
The changing world balances, the rate of trade that ignores the cross-continent boundaries across the country, regional changes in the supply and demand equilibrium, reveal the fact that the most fundamental component of the new century is indispensable aş transportation Değiş.
This fact, as in the rest of the world, in our country and our region in recent years with the emergence of transportation infrastructure and investments are emerging. Turkey is indispensable in the case of this century bridge crossing the continent in a changing world economy as it has throughout history. The movement that will take place between Europe and Asia, Africa and the Northern Hemisphere is directly dependent on the speed of traffic that will pass through our geography.
With the consumption of large masses in Asia, the cheap production costs of this continent have brought more dynamic and rapid transportation needs. With this fact, from the beginning of the 2000 years, integrated projects starting from eastern Europe and Balkans, passing through Anatolia and extending to the Middle East and passing from here to North Asia and Africa are implemented.
These developments have brought with it the need for new technologies that will provide speed and efficiency for significant amounts of transportation systems that will serve on this infrastructure with significant infrastructure investments. With its operating costs and efficiency parameters, the railway has been replaced again as an important choice in both transportation and passenger transportation.
It has been observed that for many years, especially in the continents such as America, which does not prefer rail in passenger transportation, the preferences are passed on to the railway and infrastructure and investments in this area accelerate. It is a fact that the preferences of the city in the transportation of light rail and subway systems will not be missed.
In line with all these evaluations; In the transportation sector, we are faced with the fact that the railroads will be an important transportation choice in the coming period and the railway sector where these needs will be met will be an important industry.
Our country, in recent years, has started to realize important projects with its railway investments and has been trying to develop and change its industry, which it has for many years but cannot fully meet the needs of the day with its infrastructure and technology. Infrastructure deficiencies have been started to be completed with important projects realized and the projects that have been commissioned, completion, commissioning and operation capabilities of our country have created an insight to self-confidence and outward-facing confidence.
Domestic and connected international projects and urban transportation projects have attracted the attention and attention of the industry and important initiatives and initiatives have begun to be developed in order to transfer the investment and owned capabilities to these sectors.
In this framework, you should not forget some important facts. The most important parameter in this period is to provide quality and fast solutions to the needs. In the projects that will meet the needs, it is seen that the preferences are met quickly and with all the components and the countries and institutions that can meet the needs. Beyond making a part of something, being able to offer a whole has become an important advantage. To be able to make all means of transportation, a locomotive or light rail vehicle, to be able to offer holistic offers to infrastructure projects, to make a difference, to become advantageous.
This fact clearly demonstrates that being able to act together as in many other sectors and to create holistic solutions by clustering is an important power in the markets where competition takes place so brutally.
This situation is the most important phenomenon of clustering, being able to act together, focusing on the whole, not to a part, and to make the difference in the competitive environment, to be able to be in the market and to be in the market, to have industry and technology in this field.
With regard to Rail Systems, our country, especially Eskişehir and its region, is a natural region for the development of the sector with its values ​​and capabilities it has already possessed with its geographical location and history. Tülomsaş is a significant capital in the development of the sector, with its accumulation and capability that exceeds centuries and its living culture integrated with the city and the region.
The target is to be able to take our place in this re-emerging and developing market, to develop the sectoral accumulations that we have in accordance with the conditions of the day, to gain the changing needs with new and original technologies and thus to create sectoral power with a regional industry.
The partnerships that are integrated with our leading organizations with their knowledge and capabilities, able to meet the needs and deficiencies of each other, can carry out the competition, can bring significant synergy to our region with their material and spiritual contributions in a short time.
With this perspective and long-term approach, the guidance of the opinion leaders, the desire, determination and management of the leading organizations, the first intention of the organizations that desire and desire to act together was established on June 2011. This platform carries out its work with great enthusiasm and motivation with the support of the universities and academic competencies, the support and expectation of the institutions aiming to participate in this formation and increase the regional power.



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