The Beyazşehir-İldem line of the rail system was opened with a ceremony

The Beyazşehir-İldem line of the rail system was opened with a ceremony: In 2009, the Metropolitan Municipality, which introduced the citizens of Kayseri with the world's most modern public transportation system, is expanding modern transportation with new lines.
Rail System Beyazşehir İldem Line was put into service with a ceremony organized from İldem Pazaryeri. In addition to Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş, Kayseri Deputy İsmail Tamer, Deputy Governor at the opening ceremony of the Rail System Beyazşehir-İldem Line. Davut Haner, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Dengiz, district mayors, mayor candidates, guests and citizens attended.
In his speech at the ceremony, Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, telling about the adventure of the rail system in Kayseri, said that the only solution to traffic in modern world cities is public transportation. Reminding that they introduced Kayseri to the rail system in 2009, Mayor Özhaseki said, “In 2009, we opened the first 17-kilometer line. As the city developed to the east, the Rail System Line had to reach this far. We are opening the second stage 10-kilometer line today. We will open the third stage Erciyes University line on February 15th. We will start the fourth stage, the 15-kilometer Talas-Homeland line this year. These investments amount to almost one quadrillion lira, ”he said.
Turkey's best public transport in Kayseri stated that the Metropolitan Mayor Özhaseki, vans, said it was the only city of Kayseri remove their cars. At the end of his words, President Özhaseki wished an accident-free journey and wished the Rail System to be beneficial to Beyazşehir and İldem.
Kayseri Deputy İsmail Tamer said “I congratulate Mayor Özhaseki, who is the architect of the Rail System”, and Melikgazi Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç thanked Özhaseki for offering the most modern transportation vehicle that unites the city to the public.
Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. General Manager Arif Emecen stated that they aimed to transport 2014 million people with the Rail System in 32 and that the satisfaction rate from the Rail System was 97 percent in the researches.
At the ceremony, Zemzem Doğan, a local resident, read the poem "Hello to Haseki", which he wrote.
Colorful demonstrations were also held at the opening of the Beyazşehir-İldem Line. In the opening, where the public showed great interest in İldem Pazaryeri, first the ball actors and then the bicycle show team had fun hours for the audience. At the opening, Hakan Akdoğan, known for his acrobatics in the competition program called Yetenek Sizsiniz, also took the stage and presented various shows.
Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki was the veteran of the first expedition of the Rail System İldem-Beyazşehir Line. Using the rail system vehicle from Özhaseki İldem to Beyazşehir, he greeted the citizens at the stops and on the route.
Mayor Özhaseki, getting off the rail system vehicle at the Beyazşehir stop, with the citizens waiting at the stop. sohbet and visited the tradesmen in the region. Meanwhile, Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, who entered a wedding hall, congratulated a couple engaged in engagement and wore half gold.

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