Kangal Deliktaş Railway Tunnel Seyfettin Dedeyi happy

Tunfet Happiness of Seyfettin Dededen: 1973-year-old Seyfettin Uğurlu, who was retired after years of work as a guard for the construction of Sivas, in Ulaş district, lives the happiness of completing the tunnel and passing the trains from the route 73 years after the construction of the tunnel started, Prime Minister Recep Uğurlu, who wanted to be realized by Tayyip Erdoğan, said: “Thank God our tunnel is over years later.
Uğurlu, in his statement to the AA reporter, started to work as a guard in Kangal Deliktaş Railway Tunnel, which was started on November 47,5, 15, in the Tecer location of Sivas-Erzurum-Kars railway, in order to shorten the road route by 1973 kilometers and facilitate the course of the trains on the ramp parts of the road. He said that he had retired from the company that undertakes the construction of the tunnel construction in 1976.
Uğurlu, who explained that his eldest son Nihat started to work in the tunnel construction as a scoop operator after coming from the military, noted that his son was 2 months away from retirement.
Uğurlu, who is happy to see the trains passing through the tunnel, which can be made ready for service 39 years after its construction, said, “Thank God our tunnel is over years later. I want our Prime Minister to come and see them, to open this place. Mr. Prime Minister will come to Sivas at the weekend. I want him to come to the tunnel, I want him to open our tunnel, "he said.
“When the prime minister came, things got in the way”
Nihat Uğurlu (48), on the other hand, stated that he has been working in the construction of the tunnel for 25 years and is retired for 2 months.
Reminding that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will come to Sivas for visits and rallies tomorrow, Uğurlu said:
“Our wish is to open this place with our Prime Minister. When Mr. Prime Minister came, things got in the way and the train got on his tracks. While this tunnel was being built, many prime ministers came and passed, but it was our dear Prime Minister to see that the tunnel was finished. We wish him to come and open it. I say good luck to our country. ”
Turkey's longest rail tunnel
4. TCDD Regional Director Hacı Ahmet Sener since its construction in 1973, 5 thousand 473 meters in length Coil-Deliktaþ Tunnel is Turkey's longest railway tunnel, he said.
Explaining that there was no serious work in the tunnel until 2003, Şener said, “After the tunnel was transferred to the State Railways, infrastructure deficiencies were quickly resolved here with the instructions of our government. Infrastructure deficiencies were completely eliminated in 2009 and superstructure works were started by tender procedures. In 2010, the installation of rails and sleepers was completed. When the superstructure was completed, the train service trials also started partially. In 2011, the signaling process of the variant was completed and became available here. ”
Expressing that the possible risks that may occur during the passage of passenger trains or the maintenance and repair works of the State Railway personnel, Şener stated that the fire extinguishing, lighting and ventilation projects were implemented in the tunnel. At the end of 2012, tunnel ventilation and fire fighting project was implemented. Finally, on February 2013, 15, all superstructure systems with fire extinguishing and ventilation systems were completed. ”
Sener, passenger and freight trains crossing the tunnel, the railway between the conventional lines of illumination, ventilation and fire extinguishing systems in the first railway tunnel, adding that the system, he added.

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