Candidate Candidate: Bursaray Accessory

Candidate Candidate: Bursaray Accessory As. CHP Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Necati Sahin, 30 March elections in the bag for anyone not specifying the stating, "What will come out of the chest 30 will be seen when the crates are opened on March evening," he said.
Stating that the urban transformation application was made wrong, Şahin said, belirten The public is not asked at all and is forced to migrate. We will do a soft urban regeneration practice while preserving the neighborhood and street culture without forcing people to migrate. Çe
Expressing that the rail system that should be the backbone of public transportation is like an accessory, Şahin said, k While it should go underground, there is a Bursaray which divides the city into two like walls and has a capacity of 25. You travel like a fish farm, you can't breathe in the wagons. When we come, we will be working with Bursaray in the most efficient way and we will spend the next lines underground Biz.
Necati Sahin attracted the citizens with the election song after the opening, listened to the tradesmen and citizens by taking a tour of the district after the march.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 21:40

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