Uzbekistan will sell a thousand 500 wagons to Russia

Uzbekistan will sell thousands of 500 wagons to Russia: Uzbekistan, which attracts attention with its investments in railway transportation, will sell a thousand 500 wagons to Russia.
According to the news in the Uzbekistan press, Russian Railways (RDY) plans to order one thousand 500 passenger cars to Uzbekistan. The report said that Russia plans to buy a passenger car from Uzbekistan on the grounds that it cost less. The wagons produced in Uzbekistan are about 3 times cheaper than those produced in Russia.
It was stated that Uzbekistan Railways (ÖDY), which plans to produce 2014 wagons in 640, designed 180 of them according to export demand. In the event that Russia's wagon demand is finalized, Uzbekistan's export-oriented wagon production is expected to increase further.


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