Gaziantep Rail system expansion test not performed

Expansion test was not carried out in the rail system of Gaziantep: Subcontractor Comsa –Metroray, who undertook the construction of the rail system, asked the municipality to re-examine the tracks. The source of the work was completed, but the interior of the company officials indicating that Mehmet Burgaz confession with the masters personally did. Burgaz said that the resources were not made at the temperature according to the standards and that the expansion tests of the rails had not been completed. Therefore, trams can cause accidents and troubles with the use of rails. Although we insist that the sources of the rails made under these conditions were not correct, these rails were built to be selected for the selection. Our company and employees are not responsible for the negativities. Yaş The minimum average temperature of 10 11 in the source of the source of welding Ray said that the Burgaz, unfortunately in Gaziantep -5 degrees of aluminum thermal rail welding operations, even after welding the rails, even after welding several ruptures occurred, he said.
Af The minimum average temperature should be 10 with 11, te said Burgaz, who admitted that they were doing aluminum thermal rail welding operations at Gaziantep -5 degrees. Underlining that several ruptures took place on the tracks even after welding, Burgas described the events as follows. Şirket We are a subcontractor of Comsa-Metroray Company. 3 months ago, we've signed up for rail welding. In our investigations, we found that airways were not suitable. The firm insisted on making the resources available for the election period. We made the necessary warnings. Despite that, they wanted us to do the job with certain promises. But the promises given after the work was completed were not kept. We received 325 thousand TL for the work but we could not get the remaining 130 thousand TL. In return, we applied to the Metropolitan Municipality which gave the job to the company but the municipality informed us that the money was given. In the face of the injustice we have made, we have informed the municipality that these tracks are irregular, but we have not received a positive return. Bize
Explaining that they are doing rail welding with about 30 team, Burgaz said that they will start legal process about the company. Burgaz, who asked the municipality to examine these tracks, said: “It is not important that we receive money and there is irregularities in this work. In fact, this work should not be delivered at these standards. Bu
In the tender made by the Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep 3.Etap İbrahimli Region Rail System Construction Tender and Electrification tender Comsa company 45 million TL. Spanish companies conducting business with the Metroray company in Turkey.

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