Necati Şahin made a commitment to the tradesman to remove the nostalgic tramway

Necati Sahin made a commitment to the tradesman to remove the nostalgic tram: Republican People's Party (CHP) Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Necati Şahin was the first candidate to be the presidential candidate for the first time. Şahin, who visited the shopkeepers in Cumhuriyet Street, Kayhan and Khanlar region, signed a commitment to solve various issues, especially nostalgic tram.
Necati Sahin, who continued his election activities, met with the warm interest of the tradesmen in the Kayhan tour. Kayhan Street traffic closed by half of the work of the complainers complaining, Necati Sahin, which is one of the selection projects on the street wanted to talk about opening to traffic.
Necati Sahin, Republic Street, Incirli Street and Kayhan'a words written in writing, signed the commitment to trades Ibrahim Nasser handed over. Sahin wants to be kept as a document of the commitments when the contract will be selected, the municipality will not rival tradesmen, on the contrary, they would facilitate their work, he said. Emphasizing that they received complaints from the regional tradesmen for a long time, Necati Sahin said:
“If God fails, one of the first things we will do when we come to office is to remove this nostalgic tram line and open Cumhuriyet and Incirli Avenue to traffic. Iron poles will be removed on Kayhan Street and the street will be opened to traffic at certain times. We will offer our shopkeepers and customers a more comfortable shopping opportunity here. Tradesmen in this region is one of the most important elements of the Bursa economy. The heart of the city beats here. As a municipality, we will not be a competitor to tradesmen and cafes in this region. ”
İbrahim Adaşlar and other tradesmen stated that Necati Şahin was not familiar with politicians with the commitment he signed, stating that this makes them happy. Kayhan shopkeepers, l Our candidate candidate signed a commitment to prove that his word. It is very important for Necati Şahin to sign such a document before the elections. We are confident in this, but it has clinched that confidence in writing. Biz


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