National signaling system for railways

National signaling system for railways: State Railways commissioned Turkish researchers to conduct signaling system. Turkish researchers developed the National Railway Signaling System.
The signaling system, which is seen as an important element in the railways, will also be national. The results of the studies carried out for a while were obtained. National Railway Signaling System was developed with the partnership of State Railways, TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM and Istanbul Technical University. The system which was put into practice at Adapazarı Mithatpaşa Station has been working smoothly for six months.
The system is planned to be implemented on the 6 thousand 100 kilometer railway line without signaling. Thus, about 2 billion pounds will remain in the state's safe.
With the National Railway Signaling Project, it is aimed to eliminate the external dependence on railway signaling and to solve many critical problems with low cost.

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