Merga Butan Ski Center is flooded by citizens

Merga Butane Ski Center is flooded by citizens: The ski center in Hakkari's Merga Bütan Plateau at an altitude of 2 altitude is flooded by citizens on weekends.

The citizens who flock to the ski center at an altitude of 12 altitudes, which is 800 kilometers away from the city center and has an 2-meter runway, enjoy skiing for hours. Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Reşit Güldal stated that they aim to provide the best service to the people of Hakkari and said, “Hundreds of people at the ski center make the best of their holiday by doing both sports and picnics. There are not many events in our city in winter. In winter, you will either sit in the coffee corners or take a tour of the streets and return home. In this respect, our ski center relieves Hakkari to a great extent. Because in addition to hundreds of people doing sports here, our people both have fun and have a picnic. Our aim here is to serve our people completely. He said that we invite all our people to the ski center to have sports, picnic, have fun and breathe this beautiful air.

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