Eurasian Tunnel Coming in the Version of Marmaray

Eurasian Tunel
Eurasian Tunel

The Eurasia Tunnel, which is the car version of the Marmaray, is coming: Work is underway for the Eurasia Tunnel, which will connect the Asian and European sides in Istanbul for the second time under the sea and will be built only for vehicle passages. The tunnel boring machine mole will land on the site in the coming days and start excavations.

The Eurasia Tunnel, also known as the "car version of Marmaray", is being built between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe. A starting point of 35 meters deep and 30 meters wide was created at the construction site in Haydarpaşa. The tunnel boring machines developed for the project, called "TBM", will land on the site in the coming days and begin excavation.

The mole called "TBM" will go down to 106 meters deep in the sea and open a tunnel. 5.4 kilometers of the tunnel, which is planned to be two-storey, will pass under the sea floor and will cover a total route of 14.6 kilometers. Within the scope of the project, the coastal road will be expanded to 8 lanes and toll booths will be placed at the tunnel entrances on both sides.

Those entering the tunnel from Haydarpaşa will pass under the sea and rise to the surface in the Historical Peninsula on the European side. The Eurasia Tunnel, built 1 km parallel to Marmaray, is aimed to alleviate the existing traffic density. With this tunnel, instead of 100 minutes between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe, it will be possible to pass under the sea in 15 minutes by car. The submarine highway, the Eurasia Tunnel, is planned to be completed in May 2015.

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