Malatya Wagon Repair Factory can be converted into exhibition center

Malatya Wagon Repair Factory can be converted into exhibition center: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Assoc. Dr. Fikret Şinasi Kazancıoğlu stated that the Wagon Repair Factory, which is in an idle position, can be considered as the exhibition center.
Kazancıoğlu, who held various positions in TCDD for a long time, stated that they made various determinations regarding the Wagon Repair Factory which is idle and said, V The current situation of Wagon Repair Factory makes us very sad. We have a number of projects to evaluate this place, m he said.
Kazancıoğlu also stated that wagon repair factory can be repaired and repaired in wagon repair factory and said ğ I once again commemorate our esteemed President Turgut Özal. We and the Malatians are grateful. The Wagon Repair Factory was thought and made as a need during that period. In Adapazarı, there is a factory that makes passenger wagons and freight wagons in Sivas. In fact, there is still a need. now it began to have a system that we belong in Turkey. The merchant or industrialist buys his own wagon and transports on the existing railway. But the repair and repair of both these wagons and the wagons from abroad could be done here. The private sector could be directed. Unfortunately, I watch with sadness as I pass by and pass by. This state of the Wagon Repair Factory buckles us. I wasn't in every part of it, but I know the construction. About 50 is a place with a closed area of ​​one thousand square meters. There could have been some good things on behalf of Malatya. TCDD, the Ministry of Finance gave here. The Ministry of Finance also gave to the Tekel Administration. Some of it was sold without privatization, Bir he said.
Kazancıoğlu stated that Wagon Repair Factory could be considered as an international exhibition center and said değerlendir Wagon Repair Factory stands in a heap. This upset us. We have projects related to Wagon Repair Factory. We could make it a fair center in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. We could do an international trade fair center if we didn't do anything. In fact, there is much to do. I have projects about this place. Some of this place was sold to the private person. We're going to see what we can do for this place, but we've got the center of the fair. Why is the fair in Istanbul only? Anatolia, the Mediterranean fair in Malatya. In this sense, Wagon Repair Factory is a very nice environment, Bu he said.
Electronic News Agency (e-ha), according to information provided by the reporter, Kazancıoğlu, railway Malatya Wagon in idle Repair Plant can be considered as the main campus by the phrase, "There's stateroom firms in Turkey. They produce a private wagon in Adana, Gaziantep, Istanbul and Sakarya. Or they are repairing existing wagons. We can do something like that. This is a serious issue that can add employment to the city. Or we can move our central station there. When the high-speed train arrives, it becomes our railway campus. So we save the city from splitting in two. The Wagon Repair Factory, which is currently idle, is one of the issues that we are very seriously concerned with. We can make the most of this. We have identified the current situation. Bun



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