Konya's new airport terminal will fly

The new airport of the region will fly: The passenger terminal will be increased by 3,5 once the existing terminal building is completed. The new terminal building, which will be fully equipped in terms of social facilities, is expected to be completed in 2014.
Konya High Speed ​​Train with railways face the smiling face of the problems of air transport in Konya continues. Especially citizens who are victims of flight cancellations are waiting for the solution of this problem. 2010 flight was canceled in 17 in 2011 year, 5 in 2012, 19 in 2013, 42 flight in XNUMX was canceled. Apart from the fog, there are frequent flight cancellations in Konya.
The approach category of Konya Airport is seen as CAT 1. In CAT 1, the visibility for landing is recorded as 550 meters. If the approach category is increased to CAT 2, the visibility will be 350 meters for landing. However, the runway and its surroundings must be cleared of obstacles in order to increase the approach category to CAT 2. (for example: buildings, hook and net barriers and plinths etc.) CAT 3 system is located in 3 provinces. This system is applied at 05 runways at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, 03 right runway at Esenboğa Airport and Van Ferit Melen Airport. It is called 'CAT3', which constitutes the whole of the systems that allow the landing of aircraft up to zero vision under negative visibility conditions, both approaching systems and directing the aircraft to the parking lot after landing on the ground.
2013 6430 aircrafts 528 airplane landing and take off while 770 aircrafts were landing and take off. The 91 bin 68 passenger in the domestic even in total carried out 295 passenger traveling on the 6958 bin 838, while traveling on the international lines. While 386 aircraft landing in total, including domestic and international flights, 2 thousand 8 passengers traveled domestic and overseas. There are 5 tracks at Konya Airport and 1 aircraft parking capacity (apron). The new terminal will be the 3,5 floor of the current terminal. In the current terminal the passenger capacity will be 520 Million per year, while the new terminal will have 2 Million passenger capacity. Vehicle parking capacity will be increased to 2014. Many additional areas, such as restaurants, cafeterias, are available at the new airport. According to the contract, the new terminal building must be delivered on the XNUMX day of XNUMX, but the contractor is expected to finish the job earlier.
5166 hour service is provided on Konya Airport, 24 m² closed area and open to international traffic. 134 flights are scheduled weekly (1 international flights, 133 international flights). In addition, umbrella and pilgrimage flights during the year, and charter flights to European countries in summer. Airline companies, Turkish airlines, Anadolujet airlines, Pegasus airlines, Corendon airlines and 31 March 2014 will be scheduled to start 3 days a week as scheduled scheduled flights from Konya Airport.

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