IZTITEN cable car line project is on the way

On the way, the project for the cable car is located in İzmit. Nevzat Dogan, AK Party Izmit Youth Branches and Neighborhood Branch of the meeting with the representatives of the Izmit traffic problem found important explanations. Things that work with President Doğan Izmit attention of a whole new era will begin, "Turkey traffic, transportation, parking issues to talk in the Izmit miracle. The new period will be the period when the light spring system, metro, tram and cable car are being acquired in İzmit. Yeni

AK Party Izmit District Chairman Ali Korkmaz held in Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, AK Party Izmit District Youth Branch President Muammer Tutus, AK Party Izmit District Youth Branches and representatives of the neighborhood attended a solidarity meeting Dogan Dogan, local elections held for a short time and he expressed his belief that they will be successful in this process and said, ık Together, we worked hard for our Izmit and after that we are ready to serve this beautiful city and Izmit. ine

President Dogan said, bir In the new period, our province will have a big and significant leap. With traffic projects we perform, we will be an example to Turkey in transportation and parking, "he said. Noting that Izmit is one of the cities with the highest number of people per kilometer, Doğan said, çeken There was a traffic problem in this city before, unfortunately now. However, this problem will end in the next period. Ancak

Stressing that it is time to solve the problem and increase the quality of life in İzmit, President Doğan said, kal We will hit the scalpel. Izmit will experience the relief of traffic. The traffic miracle will be discussed in Izmit. This solution model will be an example for all of Turkey. The new period will be the period when the light spring system, metro, tram and cable car will be added to Izmit. We started the tram project, the work continues. Izmit tram will be reached. Light spring system will start the metro work. 1. stage The first line will be located between Anıtpark-Kocaeli University and the second line of Topçular-Sekapark. Primarily 1. stage work to be completed. 4 will open the parking lot. Our work on cycling will continue decisively and we will start the pedestrianization of the city center. Izmit will relax. İzmit

Dogan said that these projects related to traffic and transportation will be realized with the guarantee of Izmit Municipality. But these people will be wrong. I have fulfilled all my promises to this day. This will be the case in these projects. In terms of traffic, the quality of life of Izmit will increase. Trafik

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:13

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