IZBAN promotional film case 13 Maya postponed

IZBAN introductory film case was postponed to 13 May: IZMIR 8 Heavy Penal Court 129 postponed the trial of 13 person, including Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'nun Tokat because of the death of his father because of the attendance of the defendant met with a large part of the Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats. CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Moroglu, Party Assembly member Huseyin Saygili, CHP Provincial Chairman Ali Engin followed. His lawyer Ercan Demir, 3 presented the report on the entire file to the court, which consisted of the opinions of the experts at the law faculty of the separate university. Court President Cahit Kargılı added the 127 page report to the file. President Kargılı then asked the prosecutor and the defendant lawyers about their opinions. On both sides, the case was postponed to 13 May.
CHP Provincial Chairman Ali Engin, said in a statement, the trial was postponed until the date of May 13 May, until that date, the Special Authorized Courts will be closed, the case will continue in the Assize Court, he said. Engin, said:
Irk As far as we heard, the expert report was also positive. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats remained unjustly imprisoned in the 22 moon prison. After the December 17 related to the government, the General Managers who were involved in corrupt practices were released. The Iranian citizen is released. This situation is an important indicator in terms of where it came from Turkey. This case related to the CHP case. Because after months of prosecutions and investigations, it was revealed that there was no corruption, it was registered with expert reports. Our expectation from the government is that the ministers should quit their duties with regard to children and be tried in independent courts. Hüküm
CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Moroglu, 2011 operations in May, all the investigations carried out so far, police raids and expert reports in the case of the documents of the Metropolitan Municipality case is already said. Moroğlu 17 in December that Turkey begin recounting of another case, he said:
Bakın From the night before, look at the attitude of the president of the 2, that of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality against the investigations against him and the Prime Minister's attitude towards the ministers. The most investor sent to Izmir as mayor candidate is the attitude of the most pooling minister. 17 has never responded to any calls we made since December. We're calling again. Izmir, 1414 ministries cut the paste or the ministries will go to the archives of the projects as a declaration of election, O Binali first of all Muhammar Guler's son's house in the house of the money is not approved, the Bank of Halk Bank General Manager's money is theft money, tell the house. The Minister of Justice said that he had telephoned the Prosecutor to say that he had requested the transparent conduct of investigations into Bacanakla. Then run as a candidate on the streets of Izmir. Sonra
Moroğlu, the AK Party Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Binali Yildirim, addressing the project disclosure of the project no longer announced a project to explain a corruption project was released. Moroglu, said:
Halk Apologize to the people of Izmir. Say, 'I'm going back to the pool.' The Prime Minister makes statements that deny the latest vests. The prime minister, who wants to get acquitted, just like Aziz Kocaoğlu, 'I want to be tried. I want to be acquitted before the expert, 'he demanded the examination of the sound recordings of himself and his son by the independent board. The voice recordings do not demand their voice. The people of Turkey should no longer be asked to account for that. The people of Turkey should be prepared for a new trial. This is justice against corruption, a case of freedom against imprisonment. In this power, there is no morality to show the sensitivity of the Mayor of Izmir. They must resign as soon as possible. Bir
When Moroğlu came to power, one of the first jobs in Urla to destroy the illegal villas on the site of the necks said that the debt of the necks. Moroğlu voicing that they will not tolerate any fugitive in the protected areas, said, açık If Binali wants to continue to open the front for the candidacy of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, he should explain that he will destroy the illegal villas. Sit

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