Holiday in Ilgaz Ski Resort

📩 24/11/2018 13:13

Enjoy the holiday Ilgaz Kastamonu its place among Turkey's leading ski resorts and located between the natural wonders of Çankırı Ilgaz altitude provinces in 2000, has become the focus of attention kayaksever.

Turkey's leading ski centers taking its place among the natural wonders of Kastamonu and Çankırı Ilgaz Ski altitude between provinces in 2000, has become the focus of attention kayaksever.

A new one was added to Ilgaz Ski Center in 2008 by the Governorship of Çankırı and Yıldız Tepe Ski Center, which was created at an altitude of 1600, is also popular among holidaymakers. Natural Park at 500 altitude in a 1400-hectare area by the General Directorate of National Parks, and a public guesthouse with 2 beds in the facilities where 30 football fields at international standards were created by Çankırı Special Administration. In addition to the facilities located in Yıldız Tepe, formerly known as Women's Meadow, the 2.5-kilometer-long Alpine Skiing Track and the internationally registered 2.5-kilometer Ski Running Track, the center also has the opportunity to go up 1800 meters with the chairlift and watch the insatiable view of the mountains.

For skiers who learn new skiing, the 300 meter lift also offers skiing with ski instructors. Those who do not have ski suits enjoy the pleasure of sliding on sled and nylon materials on a short empty runway, which skiers do not use in a separate area. Day trip holidaymakers also enjoy a barbecue on the snow.