We are Bringing High Speed ​​Internet Problem

We Bring the High Speed ​​Train We Cannot Solve the Internet Problem: On Saturday evening, our friend Rıdvan Akıncı Bey, who I have never come face to face but follow us from our newspaper articles, was conveying a situation on social media. Rıdvan Bey said: “On Saturday evening, Gar was disgraced. At least 50 people are waiting in front of the ticket booths. The internet system is not working. ” We learned the situation later in the evening. We reached Ankara until its source.
Our brother Rıdvan was right in his cry. The internet system was crashing. But we knew it wasn't a first. So it wouldn't be the last. When the tickets cannot be cut on the internet, they are trying to be cut manually. Thus, as Rıdvan Bey said, the tail and ordeal began. The internet system did not collapse from Konya. It collapsed or collapsed. Although this distress is reflected as a torture to the citizen in terms of getting tickets, we have learned how big and important it is in terms of FDI and High Speed ​​Train. You know how many kilometers of the central train went? It was checking whether the speed was standard. This process can not be done when the Internet collapses. So what to do now? Very simple. We will pray a lot of the Internet to stop.


Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:35

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