Habib Neccar mountain ropeway project was erected last

The last pillar was erected in the Habib Neccar mountain ropeway project: Antakya Municipality, giving importance to the construction of alternative social reinforcement areas where people may be intertwined with the environment, besides the lower and upper building environmental regulations, has seen a bird's eye view of the city of Habib-i Neccar at the foot of Habib-i Neccar Mountain. families such as the Urban Forest and Social Facilities, where they could have a pleasant time while picnicking with their families.
The last pole to be installed between Habib-i Neccar Mountain and İplik Pazarı Uzun Çarşı, which is being constructed by Antakya Municipality, will also be installed.
Antakya Municipality said in a statement from the city, the city's aerial bird's-eye view can be watched, the city will contribute to the social life of the city, domestic and foreign tourists will increase their interest in Antakya, so that the trades will contribute to the economy was expressed.
The illuminated walkways in the region are expected to take its place among the places frequented by local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer. Mayor Lütfü Savaş, who made a statement about fer Teleferic Project Proj which will be in great harmony with this project and will contribute to city tourism very much, lik Teleferic Project, which extends from İplik Pazarı to Habib-i Neccar Dağı hill, will be one of the important turning points in terms of city tourism. Although there are delays in the construction of the project due to the historical ruins in the region, the works we carry out in cooperation with the expert teams of the Board of Monuments and the Museum continue uninterruptedly. The last pole of the lift was erected. From the summit of the Habib-i Neccar Mountain to the Iplik Pazari, the cable car will be the first 1100 meter long and will be able to carry the average 1200 per hour. Antakya, with the project that will attract serious interest of local and foreign tourists, Eskişehir and Kayseri, such as the country will be shown with a finger to the texture of a city to be. Ve He said.

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